Original 1970´s automobiles. YOU are the driver.


How long does it take?
The tour will take us about five hours, but it can be more, due to the time of day/rush hour.

Where and when do we meet?
The car will be waiting for you outside your accommodation and the tour ends in a special car park. Your guide will then accompany you back to where you are staying. You can choose the start time of the tour, via the form.

Which kind of transportation do we use?
You will be able to drive the original 1970’s ŠKODA yourself (we recommend this), or you can have a personal driver. During the excursion, we’ll leave the car at parking spaces close to the attractions. During this unforgettable experience, don’t hesitate to ask our guide anything you’re curious about.

What is in the package?
The services of the guide, instructions for driving around Prague, hire of one car (fuel included), technical assistance (a personal mechanic in a separate car, if you hire more than four cars) and lunch/dinner. Personal driver is not included.

You can drive, if you…
Are at least 18 years old
Hold a driving license
Are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol

You must book the tour at least six days in advance due to preparation of the cars. Whilst booking, we require a deposit of 50% of the total price – online, in cash or via bank transfer. This cost is refundable only for more than thirty days before the tour

Number of people 1-4 1-3 (with driver)
Price 600 EUR 670 EUR
Prague street Skoda driving
Prague Strahov Skoda people

Despite the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, you can still feel the presence of Prague’s Soviet era. We will explore this side of the city by travelling by car: not just any car, but a genuine 1970’s ŠKODA model. We’ll drive through suburbs and streets which reflect the socialist realism that can be seen through the industrial and commercial buildings that sprang up during the years of Soviet occupation. To bring this experience to life, we will send you back in time by cruising around in an original 1970s ŠKODA car that Czechs commonly used (some still do ;) )

You will have the choice of either being driven around by your personal guide, or you can drive yourself and follow the first car driven by the guide. This is an experience not to be missed! The cars are equipped with a GPS system, which will enable you to comfortably find each destination of interest.

We’ve created this tour to show you some of the most visually impressive places in Prague, which represent our fragile history during the twentieth century. Places such as the Great Strahov Stadium (the largest football stadium in the world!), the Metronome at Letenske Sady Park, which stands at the place where a huge statue of Stalin used to be, or Prague Holesovice Market, a lively area, renowned for its architecture and excellent gastronomy. You’ll also get a chance to experience the amazing collection of art by Jatka 78 and a tour of the Meet Factory, a theatre of contemporary arts.

What can be more exciting than driving back in time to 1918? We’ll enjoy some of the best views Prague has to offer, drive by stately homes which were made in the style of functionalism (a style of architecture that was inspired during communism). During this adventure, we can wine and dine together, or you can find a café/restaurant of your own choosing which we’ll be more than happy to recommend.
This popular tour reflects our most recent history in a fun and engaging way.