Prague´s darkest hour. Breathtaking Old Jewish Cemetery.


How long does it take?
The tour lasts about three hours. Depending on your needs, it can take us thirty minutes more/less.

Where and when do we meet?
We will pick you up at your hotel. Let´s arrange the meeting details via e-mail or phone.

Which kind of transportation do we use?
All of the tour stops are within walking distance of each other. That´s why we go on foot. In case you wish to see a more remote destination, we may use public transport (let us know in advance).

What is in the package?
The full service of our guide. Extra payments (entrance fee, lunch, public transport) are not included in the price, since they depend on your preferences.
Our tours are free of charge for kids under eight years old.

Number of people 1-2 3-5 6 & more
Price 120 EUR 130 EUR 25 EUR/person
Prague Paris street building
Prague Maisel Synagogue
Prague Jewish Cemetery
Prague Jewish star
Prague Jewish Ceremonial Hall
Prague Jewish Synagogue interior

Names of world famous fashion designers, luxurious watches and flashy cars. One wouldn´t expect, that the Paris Street, Czech most prestigious and affluent avenue, intertwines with Prague’s darkest hours. The Old Jewish Quarter in Prague is described as the most impressive of its kind in Europe. But that is not the only adjective which people say after the visit.

Moving, sobering, touching.

These words express the atmosphere of the preserved Jewish Museum, that is made up of five synagoguesPinkas´, Spanish, Klaus, Maisel and Old New one, the Gallery of Robert Guttmann, Ceremonial Hall and finally by the Old Jewish Cemetery. We will look back to the tenth century when Jews first settled in the city, right through to the Holocaust. The names of more than 77,000 victims of Nazi aggression are inscribed on the walls of the Pinkas´ Synagogue.

Our guide will take you through the exhibitions which depict the dark times of Czech history. Instead of a wild adventurous tour, be ready for a profound insight into lives of European Jews set within context of Europe’s darkest period.