Prague locals crew


A crowd of tired faces is following a guy holding a big umbrella. You can hear his monotone voice, which sounds like he is reading out a poorly researched Wikipedia article. This scene from the Charles Bridge guided tour is reminiscent of those lengthy afternoon school lessons we used to hate. But they are over!
Our goal is to transform the current outdated guided tours in our wonderful city of Prague. As locals we know this place like the back of our hand and we want to share with you not only our country’s fascinating history, but also what makes us Czech. But historical sites and beautiful architecture are just the beginning. We also want to introduce you to the new face of this exciting and innovative city with our group of young forward-looking Czechs. Modern art, mouth-watering gastronomy and endless opportunities for the perfect hangout.

We want to show you both faces. Because only then you can finally say, I did see Prague.

– like we already have

Prague people Vltava river